Am I to blame?

I really didn’t think through the consequences of my actions, sorry BP. My friendly bit of American baiting has made Obama crazy mad with the Brits. To restore a bit of fair play let’s not forget Transocean, Cameron International, Halliburton Energy Services and we the people, for our insatiable demand for oil.

It’s difficult to know how this will all play out but I can imagine the city boys rubbing their hands with glee. As they bet furiously on BP’s share price the value of BP sinks ever lower and they become a take-over target. Imagine if the Chinese make the biggest bid, that would be a lot of fun for Obama and his new cheer leader, David Cameron.

What, you are probably wondering, has all of this got to do with the World Cup?

Robert Green that’s what. His spill just before half-time was catastrophic and I have to admit for about 30 seconds I felt very sorry for him. Then I remembered how much he is paid a week. As the ball trickled into the net I couldn’t help thinking of all of my Scottish friends leaping up and down with joy. Contrast this with the African approach where a whole continent is supporting each other. Come on you Scots, surely it’s better that we win the World Cup rather than Johnny foreigner.

Back to Green’s howler. As an experiment I took my 13-year-old, never played a game of football in her life, daughter into our garden this morning and rolled a football slowly towards her. She casually bent down, picked it up and nonchalantly chucked it back to me. The answer to England’s goalkeeping malaise is alive and well and living in a tidier- than- most teenager’s bedroom in Dubai!

Moving closer to home I have a small observation which has troubled me for many years. When you withdraw money from an HSBC ATM why doesn’t it give you the option of AED 500 and AED 1,000 on the first screen? Who wants to withdraw AED 600 or AED 1,300? Going to a second option and keying in the numbers is fiddly, time-consuming and a right pain in the butt for everyone waiting patiently behind.

However my prize for shocking customer service which has been the sole preserve of HSBC for longer than I care to remember has finally been handed over to a more deserving case. Step forward Etisalat/Evision for blitzing a very attractive World Cup offer while not taking into account that some people may actually want the service. Constantly busy phone lines and an e-mail response system which sends back the e-mail you send to them, make a great case study on how not to do it.

Further afield great news that Abby Sunderland has been rescued. Her poor parents are being heavily criticised for setting her adrift on a 40 foot boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Given the opportunity most parents of teenage children would do the same, but probably without the boat for company.

News also reached me that women are responsible for 70% of all shopping dollars spent (according to a Communicate report) I think our household skewed the numbers a bit but only on the basis that my wife, Sally, is much better at shopping than me. I head off on my bike for milk and return laden with everything from beetroot to toothpaste in a tin can.

To round off I’m really liking the new Klaxon single – listen to it here – and am especially looking forward to reading Roddy Doyle’s new book; The Dead Republic.

Top five for this week, has morphed into KP’s World Cup predictions;

  • Winners; England
  • Real Winners;Spain
  • Golden boot; Lionel Messi
  • Biggest shock; Brazil going out in QF
  • Smallest shock; Maradona self imploding

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One response to “Am I to blame?

  1. biggest shock; Brazil going out in opening stages…
    Just thought I’d write to say that, as Scot, was actually supporting England last night.
    1 over the years I’m softening
    2 Scotland are now not even a conceivable force (I hear you)
    3 We see all your guys playing and we know them
    4 We see all the foreign guys playing and we know them (my least favourite player in premiership ain’t english
    5 It was, after all, against the USA (see first-ever blog)



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