Paul puts parrots on employment scrapheap

A horribly fluey thing attacked me last week but I battled through!  It was a real shame that Holland tried to kick their way to the World Cup and then had the bad grace to blame the referee.  In truth they could have been down to nine men at half time and that would have ruined it for everyone watching around the world.  One thing they chose to blame was the referee giving a goal kick instead of a corner which resulted half an hour later in a goal.  Clutching at straws springs to mind.   Had to laugh though at a holier than thou Graham Souness laying into the Dutch for foul play and the ref for letting them get away with it; for those that saw Souness play, the pot has called the kettle black.

Like Paul the Octopus I predicted Spain to win the World Cup.  Unfortunately Paul’s success has put parrots throughout India out of work, Syed our cricket loving production guru sent me the attached cartoon.  If you want a parrot now is the time to buy.

Moving back to my story about the stoning sentence in Iran, Paddy McGrath has rightly chastised me for not updating you.  Apparently the sentence has been commuted but when this happens hanging sometimes replaces stoning as the method of execution.  For the full story click on the link below.  I wonder which option Tiger would have chosen, death by a thousand golf balls or a good thrashing from his wife?  For myself if ever I had to face the choice maybe I would go for the guillotine, it seems to have a bit of French romance about it.

While on the subject of women’s rights the Catholic church has shot itself in the foot once again.  In essence they have issued new rules on sex abuse and managed to slip in that ordaining women is on a par with paedophilia.  Shame on the Pope and all of the idiots who surround him.  As the proud dad of two lovely daughters it disgusts me that women are still treated by stupid men as second class citizens.  For the full story of Catholic perversion of human rights click on this story (let’s hope God has a fairer view of humanity and sends the Pope straight to hell without any bread and water/wine).


Best picture of the week has got to be this the death-defying stunt of Balancing artist Eskil Ronningsbakken.  I just went up the Burj Khalifia (fantastic experience, highly recommended) and that was pretty scary, but what this guy is up to beggars belief.  For more amazing pictures click on this link.

Two stories about advertising this week, the first is a great exchange between Ryan Air and Easyjet.  Michael O’Leary’s Ryan Air used advertising to accuse Stelios Haji-Ioannou of easyjet fame of lying, O’Leary’s claims were proved to be unfounded and Easyjet hit back.  View the ads and have a chuckle.

Michael O leary adRyan air ad

This week came news that BBH has resigned the Levis account after 28 years.  I love it when agencies resign big bits of business on a matter of principle even in these difficult times. BBH has been responsible for some truly brilliant advertising for Levis over the years including Laundrette and Drug Store.  Click here to view the show reel and prepare to be blown away by how brilliant advertising can influence the way you think and behave towards a brand.

Finally on the off-chance that anyone from HSBC is reading this, over a week ago I responded to your ads by applying for an Advance account and yes, you’ve guessed it, I’m still waiting to hear from you.  Lesson one, if you are going to spend money on advertising make sure you have your systems set up to meet the demand.  Otherwise Mr HSBC you are just wasting your money and you’ll end up blaming the ad agency, $250,000 campaign and no accounts, your fired!

Oh and finally, finally, MMI have some hum dinging offers on wines this month and Bud tax-free so get down to one of their shops and fill your boots.  Click here to find your nearest shop.

Went to play Yas Links at weekend and it’s forced me to change my top 5 golf courses:

  • Yas Links, Abu Dhabi
  • Kingsbarns, Scotland
  • Ballybunion, Ireland
  • St Enodoc, Cornwall
  • St Mellion, Devon

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  1. JT

    Is that St Enodoc with or without
    the tourists walking half way across it?

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