A thought from KP…

Having grown up in the wilds of Dartmoor I’m especially well qualified to meander aimlessly through all of the issues of day, but whereas in the good old days I only had cows for company now the world is my stage. Having never been disagreed with before this could be a sobering experience, please feel free to climb aboard your soap box and give forth!

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2 responses to “A thought from KP…

  1. Bruce Tozer

    Dear Keith, I came across your blog, whilst doing some serious research for business on the Middle East Crisis abut in parallel I am arranging a reunion for Rhyd on Sunday 10th of July. BE there – if you can. It was great to see your creative writing finding full expression and reminded me of the letters you sent me when I was a sheep shearer in the back woods of NZ which made me ill with laughter.

    However, I take exception to one thing you wrote about, KP’s ridiculous moustache. I can only think you are still suffering from “moustache envy ” or depravation having been made to shave your own ridiculous, but admittedly impressive schoolboy tache off, your first day at Bryanston. Interestingly your rugby did then improve but I fear this act of discipline had deep seated and long lasting consequences. Counselling is almost certainly required.

    There is also a very high correlation between dictatorship, cults and moustaches think Stalin and Hitler for starters, so maybe it is better all round never to have one. Anyway will be interested to see your reposte on the blog which will become my first port of call on a daily basis.

    • Keith

      Thanks Bruce

      Spotted you made a comment but I couldn’t find it, I think you went back to the very beginning. 5 mins after shaving off the tache I went into denial, it’s been wiped from my memory bank along with the intercepted chip over the top which illuminated my last ever game for Bath. There are seriously silly tasches around at the moment, I’m guessing it’s a bumper season for charities.

      Your research sounds very interesting, I’m always available for a comment or two! I just read the population of The UAE is up to 8.2 million but locals still don’t top 1 million. As long as there is no income or corporation tax you’ve got happy expats and I’m reminded of the centuries old slogan, no taxation without representation so I think they are are onto a winner.

      I’m probably going to be back in August rather than July so won’t be able to make the reunion but thinking Camp Bestival, Lulworth Castle in Dorset next year with the girls. We should get a gang together, I’ll pester nearer the time (and drop you a note before I come over this year to see if there is a window of opportunity).


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