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Oh my giddy aunt

Hats off to Barcelona and my favourite player, Xavi – you may remember I raved about him during the World Cup and once again he made me giddy watching his magicianship (made up word!).  I could see what was going on but I still struggled to understand how a very good team was made to look like a bunch of primary school kids chasing a ball that never stood still.  Nobody in the Man U team came even close to matching the skill and passing ability of every single player wearing the Barcelona shirt.  The only Englishman who can compete at this level is Paul Scholes but unfortunately he’s right at the end of his career.  Giggs and Carrick were no match for the Spanish masters and I very much doubt a fully fit Fletcher could have made a difference.  Even Keane, Robson and Nobby Stiles in their prime would have struggled.  Perhaps the biggest disappointment is Man U featured only three English players while Barcelona were jam-packed with Spanish geniuses.  All of this might lead you to conclude that England over achieve at international level.


Is anyone who goes for a Super Injunction a twit?

It really didn’t need a bunch of twitterers to expose Ryan Giggs, it was common knowledge already.  As a public figure you have got to expect to be exposed if you misbehave although Edwina Currie and John Major did manage to get away with a sneaky affair (probably my favourite affair of all time) until Edwina exposed herself!  Apparently Twitter are willing to give up the details of people who break the law so my advice to anyone planning to dish the dirt is to use made up personal details when they sign up from an internet café a long way from where they live.

One good thing to come out of the whole thing is this chuckler.

Ryan Giggs

Where did she get that hat, where did she get that hat?

All girls called Beatrice are great and this pic proves it.  Together with the cart-wheeling verger, Beatrice’s hat was the star of the royal wedding and even better she raised £80,000 for charity by selling it in an online auction.  Respect.

Princess Beatrice

Boom or bust?

Strange one this, everyone I speak to has diametrically opposed views.  Their cup is over-flowing or barely contains a drop.  I have Arabian Business delivered to my inbox twice a day and everyday there are major contradictions; someone bringing another 100 restaurant chains to the UAE (Landmark and Bin Hendi) while elsewhere restaurants like Tang at Le Meridien Mina Seyahi are closing.  My instinct is that the market is over-saturated and there will continue to be deals a plenty.

Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes upon the road

I studiously avoid getting involved in any hand gesturing when driving but given recent events I am nervous of being falsely accused in a game of my word against theirs.  I’m from the sticks and stones camp so if the mood takes you please free to make a rude gesture at me rather than trying to run me off the road.  The only self-preservation tactic I can think of is to get my retaliation in first and complain about everyone driving Nissan Patrols just in case they make a complaint against me.

Why are pirates called pirates?

I took the girls to see the new Pirates of the whatever the latest one is called movie the other day.  Opportunity knocked when the projector broke down during the ads.  I desperately wanted to keep my fellow movie goers entertained with my very funny pirate joke but was forcibly restrained by Florence and Beatrice.  Shame, I could have made a lot of friends and kick started my career as a comedian.

Quick review, dull, dull and thrice dull.  My girls however gave it a big juicy 8 while persuading me to add an extra 1 to my mark . . . so it’s a 1 from me.

The one good thing to come out of my Mall of the Emirates expedition was the purchase of a shiny, brand new iPad2 – I happened to show up in Virgin 12 seconds after a new batch of iPads arrived and got the last one.  It’s a serious bit of kit, very sexy, however if I had seen the BBC programme on Super Brands before I bought it there is no way anything Apple would have made an impact on my credit card.  The programme showed a huge queue of people caught up in an evangelical fever waiting for a new Apple store to open.  I concluded Apple is an extremely creepy company who want to control the world – or as one very astute student said, Apple is the sort of person who invites you to their birthday party and then controls what you are allowed to see and do.

More RIPs

Very sadly more heroes have died in the last week.  Firstly Gil Scott-Heron passed away, he was widely acknowledged as the godfather of rap and as a poet and songster he was right up there with the best of the best.  Most Famous for The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Check out Me and the devil, absolutely spell binding.

Gil Scott Heron

I also read a really sad piece about Tom Daley’s father dying of cancer at the ridiculously young age of 40.  What made me especially sad was that father of Tom was not one of those obnoxious, pushy dads, he was simply Tom’s biggest supporter.  Come on Tom, win a gold for your dad (and Plymouth!).

Tom Daley and his Dad

Top 5 most inspirational Olympic performances in athletics

In the week my Olympic tickets didn’t materialise here is my top 5 seen-on-TV (some were films!) performances on the track.

  • Usain Bolt – 100m, jaw dropping
  • Cathy Freeman – Aussie Aborigine who lit up Sydney
  • Tommie Smith – 1968 200m gold medallist and black power salute man
  • Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams – Chariots of Fire
  • Jessie Owen – won loads and made the Nazis look stupid

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SEO rocks and so does Gil Scott Heron

Another week has gone by and first up a tip.  We have spent a lot of time and energy practising what we preach i.e. optimising our website and it works big time.  Google is king and SEO brings with it lots of enquiries some of which will turn to gold.  The crew at ATOM Digital can do the same for you if you ask them.

Various people have had a bit of a pop at me for not dealing with the controversial subjects that swirl around the city on a regular basis.  Many of these are rumour as Dubai manages to pull off the trick of being a big city and a village at the same time.  Drug fuelled torture, financial irregularity and the Burj Dubai transforming itself into Burj Khalifa have all been much discussed everywhere apart from in the media.  For what it’s worth I’ve got no comment on two of these burning issues but have something important to say on the third!  To me Burj Dubai sounded very flat and boring; Burj Khalifa by contrast has flavour and romance.  Burj Khalifa is a good name for the world to get used to pronouncing.  It’s a truly amazing building and a great testament to the million and one people of different nationalities who made it happen.  Dubai delivered and let’s not forget how long it took us Brits (or was it Aussies?) to build Wembley Stadium or the fiasco that was the opening of Heathrow Terminal 5.  By contrast Dubai opened its new terminal with zero fuss but got very little credit.

Bashing is fine if you are a half glass empty type of person but credit where credit is due.  Furthermore every country in the world has tensions caused by migrant workers and if you really think about it the Arab world is an amazingly welcoming and tolerant place to live.  We make absolutely no effort to learn their language or to understand their culture and yet people still moan that Emiratis behave as if they own the place.

While on the subject of Britishness I am ready to pronounce on the John Terry affair.  Guilty.  Off with his head.  Marital affair aside (bad boy, but it happens and he’s not in Tiger’s league as far as I know, although the News of the World is working on it) he is well dodgy.  Showing people around Chelsea’s training ground for a quick £10,000 and then saying he gave the money to charity but can’t remember which one is a shocker.  John, you earn £140,000 a week, be happy.

I started with a tip so I’m going to end with a tip – check out Gil Scott Heron’s new album.  You can listen to the whole album on The Guardian, just click on the link below and transport yourself to a world of poetic lyrics and raw vocals.  I didn’t go to Nickleback but trust me the Canadian rockers would be in shock and awe.


Last week’s top five guitar inspired songs was a little bit controversial, we even had a vote for Dire Straits.  In case you want to know where I stand on revising my list to include Dire Straits the clue is in the name.  This week in the interests of continuity I’m doing my best ever and ever guitarists (Mark Knopfler look and learn).

Jimi Hendrix

Slash (Guns N’ Roses)

Jack White (White Stripes, Raconteurs, Dead Weathers)

Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath)

Jimmy Page (Led Zepplin)

If I don’t hear from you (click comment) I’ll assume you agree with me…

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