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They knew nuffin’

I can’t help but start with the continuing saga of News International and the £1m bribes they paid to stop people taking them to court for trying to ruin their lives. Based on the evidence given to the Commons select committee these payments were signed off by the cleaning lady and now humble Rupert is very upset that the people he trusted let him down.

The MurdochsSlowly but surely the people he trusted have resigned even though they also didn’t know anything either; is James next in line to walk the plank?  Or is it the death of three of my favourite clichés – the buck stops here, it happened on my watch and something about carrying the can?  To be fair he did say sorry in an ad that News International ran in all UK national papers, so I guess that makes hacking the mobile of a murdered schoolgirl alright.  I hope Milly’s parents took Rupert for a big contribution to the charity of their choice.

We are sorry ad 

Google Plus

Keeping up with the ever evolving landscape of online communication is impossible.  Like many of you I’ve started noticing a + sign popping up next to Google searches, apparently it’s all part of Larry Page’s grand plan: . . .  everybody at the company wants “to create services that people across the world use twice a day . . . just like a toothbrush!”.  From which I understand Larry now wants to take on Colgate as well as the nice people at Microsoft and Facebook.  Although it’s only at a ‘by invitation’ only stage here is what one reviewer had to say:

“My initial, abbreviated take is that Google’s new social toy is essentially a Facebook Twitter hybrid with outstanding ease-of-use and eye-popping potential. In the very first release, Plus has a killer integration with Picasa (Google’s photo service), and its live video chat feature (called Hangout) could very easily become a Skype killer.”

Which is all very worrying for people like me who have only just mastered Facebook and are quarter way through their Twitter induction.  Fortunately we have some classy socialites types within the agency to help and guide us through the social media maze (and monetarize it – shiny new buzzword).

Roger the ex rugby playing pilot

I’m not sure if anyone else has been following the trials and tribulations of Roger who is currently featuring in radio ads on Dubai Eye, I don’t know what he’s selling, hmmm, it might be an MBA or something similar but where, when, why remains a mystery.

Anyway in the last week alone he has come clean about having odd-shaped balls and losing the thrust in his joystick.  It’s got me talking so they must be working although I fear it’s on the basis they are so bad they’re brilliant.

Look behind you!

Scary shot, apparently Mr Leopard got very grumpy and started sneaking up on people and the giving them a good cuffing.  What gets me about this picture is the guy with the gun is watching on while his mate is just about to be attacked.


Well done Darren and Tom

I had a great weekend watching big Darren win. He comes across as a fun-loving, hard-living guy although given his wife very sadly died of cancer I’m not sure about the smoking fags and cigars bit – felt a bit wrong.  Leaving this aside he was every bit as good as Rory was when he won the US Open.  I’m planning my next holiday to Northern Island to see if I can get a sprinkling of the magic golf dust.

Darren Clarke

Straight after The Open I watched Tom win The Apprentice, a victory for a geekish nice guy who kept getting accused of hindsight by people who didn’t know the difference between foresight and hindsight.  He lost 8 out of the 11 tasks because the other candidates were too stupid to listen to him.  The Apprentice creates totally unrealistic situations to maximise conflict and most of the candidates are chosen on the basis of how irritating and unpleasant they are.  Alan Sugar is pitch perfect in his role as the cranky old geezer who has been there and done that.  It made me laugh when one candidate (from Northern Ireland coincidentally) was ridiculed for trotting out cliché after cliché, the lovely Margaret needs to take a listen to ‘when I was a lad’ Lord Sugar for the master of clichés.

Tom Pellareau

Top 5s

I had a brilliant idea but have gone and forgotten it which reminds me that Tom had it sorted by carrying a notebook everywhere with him – a variation on the old Mark McCormack ‘a blunt pencil is better than a sharp memory’ gem of wisdom.

Just remembered; six rock icons who very sadly died at 27:

  • Amy Winehouse
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Kurt Kobain
  • Jim Morrison
  • Janis Joplin
  • Brian Jones

Amy Winehouse


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