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Mubarak heads to Dubai (maybe)

Dear Diary what a week it has been.

Mubarak finally makes a sharp exit to Sharm el-Sheikh – didn’t he read all of those stories about the sharks?  Brave man – to stay in Egypt that is.  Now speculation is building that he is negotiating to come to Dubai.


Lifted from my newspaper of choice:

Mubarak said in his first speech during the uprising on 1 February that he would not leave his homeland, pledging to “die on the soil of Egypt and be judged by history”.

But exploratory discussions involving the Saudis, the US and the UAE have reportedly taken place about him moving to Dubai. One important issue is immunity from any prosecution he might face on charges of crimes against humanity after 300 deaths and documented abuses by the security forces.

According to the London-based paper al-Quds al-Arabi, revelations about the Mubarak family fortune and possible legal action over that are also a factor in planning for a post-presidential future.

Experts have estimated that the Mubaraks could be worth £43.5bn, with much of the wealth from investment deals in British and Swiss banks or tied up in upmarket real estate in London, New York, Los Angeles and expensive tracts of the Red Sea coast.

For the likes of you and me, transferring our hard earned money can be the task from hell with all sorts of rules and regs.  So how has Mubarak managed to siphon away $43.5bn with complete impunity?  The gnomes and our lovely bankers have a lot to answer for.

Cameron has a new friend

Someone loved Cameron’s speech on multiculturalism, step forward Marine Le Pen, Leader of France’s National Front who has congratulated David Cameron on his controversial speech.  I have openly said I don’t like Cameron’s politics but I never had him down as a fascist.  Live and learn.  This came in the week that most of the top universities in England declared they would charge the maximum student tuition fees.  Now anyone who thinks that students from a middle and working class background will not be put off going to Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial College etc. is sadly deluded.  Parents who send their children to private school will still be looking forward to the day their kids head off to uni, £9,000 versus £30,000.  A country’s future (and its ability to pay for everything else) depends on its education system.

A cautionary tale about online advertising

A few weeks ago I expressed a concern that banks shouldn’t have sales and in the article I named and shamed HSBC and gave my critical opinion.  HSBC’s sale is being supported by a huge advertising campaign and I accept being stalked on The Guardian is the penalty I pay for reading a quality paper where  customers and potential customers of HSBC are lurking.

However imagine my surprise when their ad popped up on my blog?  I wrote to them politely explaining that I was telling people that, in my opinion, a bank holding a sale was a bad idea but they declined to reply.  We went public on Facebook and Twitter but  the world’s local bank has no local social media strategy, so again complete silence.  All of which reinforces my view that HSBC is falling way short in all respects.

HSBC sale HSBC ad above my blog on phone

It’s all about the line

I had a very interesting meeting last week with the marketing lady from Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai (a seriously good hospital specialising in anything and everything to do with your eyes which in my book are our most precious sense and yet we go to the dentist once a year but pretty much completely ignore the health of our eyes unless something goes seriously wrong) and the media guru from Optimedia. We slipped into jargon, above the line (advertising), below the line (stuff like packaging, sales promotion) online (anything to do with the www) . . . Nadim from Optimedia speculated that there is no line anymore, it’s all about one line, in other words you have to be on the ball in all forms of communicating with customers/clients.  Sounds about right to me.

Was Amy any good?

Before I reveal all, I went to Bike Week to meet up with our Harley client and had a play on a big bike, wow, I went vrrm, vrrrm, vrrrrm.  My wife has banned me from riding a bike but in my next life I’m going to get a big boy Harley and a super cool Vespa.  Harley’s start from around AED 34,000 here and Vespa’s are a snip at AED 14,000.

Harley DavidsonVespa

My wife Sally represented the Prosser’s at Amy.  She is tough to please, for example she rated Robbie as average when he visited Dubai a few years ago.  Amy started slow and was in a bit of a mess but in the opinion of our Sal she was incredible and very special.  I think this goes against what you are going to read and hear but give the gal a chance if you get the opportunity to see Amy before it’s sadly too late.

My music tip for this week is The Hold Steady – one for Alan Main and anyone who loves Bruce Springsteen. These guys rock like it’s1984 – watch out for the guitar break at 2:50 and get air guitaring: 

McDonalds profits soar, again

Apparently during a recession our spending power goes down and we eat more cheap, junk (comfort) food.  The US gave the world fast food because it suited their lifestyle and monster appetites, British food is a bit hit and miss so I can fully understand why McDonalds has done well in these two countries.  But Asia has the most scrummy food on earth (along with the Italians) and have fantastic, incredibly cheap street food so why are more people in Asia eating more McDonalds?  It just doesn’t make sense to me.


Top five

Leading on here are my top five foods I can’t live without:

  • Pasta
  • Pesto (bit of a cheat)
  • Tomatoes (fresh, sweet and juicy)
  • Eggs
  • Plums (fresh, sweet and juicy)


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Cheats never prosper

I was almost too upset to post a blog this week but unlike the England defence I’ve fronted up.  That was actually a joke, I refuse to criticise the England team for throwing everyone forward in trying to grab an equalizer.  For memories of a happier moment at the World Cup watch The Guardian’s brilliant Lego inspired recreation of Jermain Defoe’s goal v the football might of Slovenia.

Watch the action here.

Of course Germany fully deserved their win but at what cost?  As a responsible parent I’m constantly stressing the importance of playing by the rules and maintaining a sense of fair play.  The German goalkeeper openly admitted he saw Lampard’s shot go over the line and his first thought was to try to con the referee and linesman by picking the ball up and firing it down field as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately FIFA’s inaction over the Thierry Henry handball goal sent out a clear signal that cheating is part and parcel of the game and the big fellah upstairs had to take over and send France home in disarray with their tails nowhere to be seen.  The same fate is about to befall Germany with Lionel Messi sticking a hat trick right up ‘em where the sun don’t shine!

Fortunately help is at hand courtesy of our long-standing client – Moorfields Eye Hospital.  Moorfields Dubai is a branch of the world-famous London Hospital which has been solving vision problems for over 200 years.  They have a really excellent facility here staffed by top-notch consultants and we think they are the best people to sort out the officiating mess at this year’s World Cup.

Moorfields advertisement

NB: The creative lot at ATOM produced this ad for a bit of fun and to raise the spirits after England’s sharp exit.

It was sad day for Dubai’s multitude of brilliant football watching venues that England has taken their leave.  I’m a sucker for live sport so I’ll continue watching (my earlier blog tipped Spain) but probably more at home than out and about.  Being at home I’ll be in position A to cheer Andy Murray to his first Grand Slam and see England white washing the Aussies at cricket (I never thought I would be able to say that!).

Staying in – Dubai Spectrum on One has just released a summer offer, 50% off food and beverages.  Now that is a good deal and a sign of things to come.  On a more depressing outlook, my bank insider has told me there may be big trouble ahead as banks finally accept that the big developers who they lent millions to will never be able to pay off their debts.  Ouch and ouch again.  Certainly the mood is sombre as 50% of office space is empty and a lot our near neighbours in Media City have moved out – you used to have to wait for up to four years to get your hands on an office in TECOM.  Anyone have a view on what the next year will bring?

Five dreadful decisions:

  • Lampard’s disallowed goal – World Cup 2010
  • John van de Velde – 18th at Carnoustie 1999 (needed a six to win, took a driver off the tee)
  • Buying a villa in Sports City (August 2006, still not built!)
  • Spinneys calling a meat filled pastry a Cornish Pasty (don’t be fooled – click here for what makes a proper job)
  • Banning vuvuzelas at Wimbledon (is the sound of players grunting better?)  Click here for a bit of vuvuzela therapy.

No regrets? Or fancy getting any bad decisions off your chest?


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