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Should Hayward be made to watch England?

Now I know how Tony Hayward feels.  I walked into the golf club on Saturday (after a reasonably good round) only to be the recipient of a broadside from a Scotsman, Brian Edwards.  He opened with ‘your blog isn’t funny, I got halfway through and gave up’.  With the Scots in buoyant mood after Friday’s footie debacle I really wasn’t expecting to have to deal with the one grumpy Scot (maybe he was upset by England beating Australia at rugby).  I love the World Cup as it costs the Scots a fortune in replica shirts; let’s hope we squeeze through on Wednesday and get the Germans.  I would love to see Mr Brian proudly wearing a German shirt.

Anyway just to keep the Scots happy and to continue with my policy of appeasing my American friends, below is the first funny of the day.

Cover of the New York Post

Closely followed by great observational humour courtesy of Alan Main (a Scot):

The England World Cup squad visited an Orphanage in South Africa today.

“It’s so great to put a smile upon the face of those who have no hope, and no prospects for the future”….said Thambo Mzuli, aged 6

If I was Tiny Hayward, and thank goodness I’m not, I too would be thinking I deserve a day off after stone walling the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations in the House of Representatives.  However here is where we deviate, whereas I would think hair shirt and a bit of purgatory, Mr Hayward had other ideas.  My trip to SA to watch England play would have extracted a lot of goodwill and sympathy from everyone.  Bottom of my list would have been to take my 40 foot yacht into the unpolluted waters off England for a pleasant sail around the Isle of Wight.  Who the whatever advises these guys?

BP CEO Tony Hayward criticised for yacht trip

With the Americans pressing for unlimited damages from BP ($20bn and climbing) it would be the perfect time to address the crime committed against the good people of India by a US company (sorry for the sombre note Brian but we need to keep this one in the public eye).

Bhopal 1984: 3,878 dead, Union Carbide (US company) paid in 1999 (i.e. 15 years later) the statutory max of $350m plus interest = $470m.

Moving swiftly back to funnies, third funny of the day is this Lego inspired replay of the England US game – brilliant.

And for my fourth – a naked bike ride around London to highlight how vulnerable you are when competing with cars on busy roads.  I wonder if it would be worth repeating the exercise in Dubai?

Cyclists strip off in central London for World Naked Bike Ride

My price watch this week is the highly recommended X-mini speaker (it’s brilliant) – Dubai silly prices strike again.

x mini speaker

Amazon £13.60, Sharaf DG AED 129

My music recommendation of the week is the brilliant new single by Sparklehorse with Julian Casablancas (of Strokes fame) on lead vocals.  Sparklehorse was the brain child of Mark Linkous who sadly took his own life in March of this year.

Also very sadly Andy Ripley died last week after a long battle against prostate cancer, he was a truly special character and rugby player, he managed to shine when England were absolutely rubbish.

Andy Ripley – a superstar who lit up our lives

Top 5 songs by Scots

  • Heaven; David Byrne Talking Heads
  • Road to nowhere; David Byrne, Talking Heads
  • Psycho killer; David Byrne, Talking Heads
  • Take me to the river; David Byrne, Talking Heads
  • This must be the place; David Byrne, Talking Heads

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